• 6.27.07
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Thread 1:
85 Born in the middle of the hot summer of Banana Land
94 Moved to Germany (Sprechen sie Deutsch?)
96 Moved to US (Do you speak English?)
99 Aspired to become a pilot and fly 747s
00 Discovered QBasic in math class
01 Started making an RPG for my TI-89 using C
02 Learned ASM and made a disk reader
03 Created my own programming language called MEL (Matrix Enabled Language)
04 Became interested in AI
05 Implemented A* path finding to the Aibo dogs using real time images
06 Devised an algorithm for detecting plagiarism in code (worked 98%)
07 Working on visualization of online presence

Thread 2:
02 Began to be interested in HTML/PHP
03 Created first application for tracking mood and graphing
04 Began open source development of IM graphing and statistics generation program (hosted on SourceForge)
05 Created a system for online widgets that could be easily developed and implemented on any site with user customization
06 Played with JS and CSS for creating a framework for visualizing data
07 Largest project to date: online course scheduling program.

Thread 3:
03 Met Brienne
04 Went to SUNY Albany
06 Moved to Rutgers
0? NYU

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