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This is a brief overview of the major projects I have contributed to or fully developed. Although I enjoy web development I see it as a fun pastime. It has taught me a lot about user interaction which I hope to combine with my Computer Science and English aspirations. My true interest, however, is using and developing AI techniques for aiding the understanding of texts by humans.


  • Object Oriented AI: Learning and planning based on how objects greatly reducing learning space and thus time for finding the optimal solution. I primarily focus on solving Pitfall for the Atari. (more to come in the near future) (Developed in C++/Java)


  • MySemester: A simple and complete school semester organizer and sharing tool. (Visit) (Developed in PHP)
  • Time Tracker: A time tracking web application. You can track your time spent in projects, sub-projects and tasks. (Visit) (Developed in PHP)
  • Adium: Worked with Google Summer of Code 2007. My project was with the open source project Adium for the mac (IM client for those non-apple people). It was my first experience with objective-C and serious development for the mac. I was extremely satisfied with the results and the beauty of developing with Objective-C and the mac libraries.


  • IM Authentication: Developed an instance messaging authentication program. Have you ever had the feeling a message from a screen name did not come from the person who owns that screen name? Using several types of statistical tools from basic word usage to sentence structure and speed that the message was typed the user can 98% be authenticated (given that you have a fair amount of training data from different users). (Developed in Java)
  • Source Code Authentication: As a teacher assistant I became very interested in detecting stolen code. Using syntax and contextual clues the owner of code could be found with 94% accuracy given that the program was used correctly. (Developed in C++ using the Boost library)


  • Aibot Pathfinding: Using an Aibot I implemented A* for pathfinding in combination with realtime images for obstacle avoidance. One could not tell it was my first real experience with AI from the sight. (Developed in hair-pulling Aibot C and its chaotic libraries)

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