Matlab and Snow Leopard Compatability


Matlab has been trying to catchup OSX for some time now. First releasing a rather bad version of Matlab for the Intel processor, and subsequently releasing a 64bit version. Both showed signs of commitment, however, today after installing Snow Leopard I was slightly annoyed that some of the functionality had become broken.

mmreader, which I depend on for reading avi movie files no longer works. Images seem to be garbled by some sort of offset and data conversion. I suspect this stems from some 32 to 64 bit conversion that Matlab is not aware of. Anyway, so now I can’t read movies files until they fix Matlab which god knows when it will be.

Update for those thinking of installing Snow Leopard: 2008a, 2009a, 2009b (32 and 64 bit) all work fine. Aside from some bugs that must exist like the one above in specific packages, the general Matlab environment is fully functional.