Protected: Should have stayed ignorant


Why on earth did I ask hope what the big deal with the Homecoming dance was. Why?! I’m sorry, I’m speechless, I’m thoughtless. 1f 1 h34r 0n3 7h1n6, ju57 0n3, 1 7h1k d0n’7 {1,w3}’|| 3v3r b3 7h3 54m3 4641n. 3v3n 4 j0k3 w1|| b3 74k3n f0r 7h3 7ru7h. 17’5 51||y, 57up1d, 4nd 16n0r4n7 0f m3. 50… y34.. 1′m 53r10u5 n0w, v3ry 53r10u5. (50rry 1f 1 74k3 7h3 fun 4w4y fr0m 7h1n65, n07 my f4u|7). 50m3 7h1n65 4r3 ju57 n07 m34n7 70 b3 70|d 70 b3 70|d… 4nd 50m30n3 d1d.

Note: Do what you want, just don’t let me know. That’s all… let me be ignorant, please…
Edit: I had a repeating nightmare last night, not fun.