Protected: Pride


It’s an interesting fact that people tend to use me as punch bag for their extra anger. Amazingly I don’t mind it at all. Insult me all you want, criticize my life all you want, I could care less. I really don’t see why fight back, after all words don’t hurt. And what about Pride?

Pride gets you nothing in life, when was the last time you said to yourself “I couldn’t have done that without my pride”. I don’t think I have ever used pride in anyway, shape or form. Maybe pride makes one happy with themselves (pride is synonym to ego)but aren’t there betters ways of doing that. I think there are; like doing what you enjoy with no goals in mind, like staring at the sky, reading for fun, or simply talking to someone special with no topic or purpose in mind. Pride gives one the feeling they don’t get in what they currently do. Maybe because their intentions are not for joy but for gain. I suck at a lot of things (too many to even mention) but what I do well (or simply like doing regardless of quality) is enough to make me happy making pride obsolete.

This is my humble opinion not meant to harm/insult anyone in anyway. Pride is part of a person and so I give the same respect to one’s pride as I do to the physical person.