Protected: College as the Colosseum


In the 21st century Coliseums don’t exist as in the ancient days of the Romans – where men battled to their deaths while being watched upon by the luckier, free, citizens of Rome. Today we call such practice, College. Where instead of having gladiators fighting against wolfs, today we have students fighting battling exams and all other challenges that one might encounter the in the vast space of the college grounds.

It is not easy to be selected to be a student. Out of the millions of potential students waiting to be enslaved by college only the finest and most (mentally) fit are choose for such professions (ie. full time college students). The process and training is long (such as Princeton Review and High School), and many die along the way but those who do survive are honored to be taken into College. Once in College, there is no way of foreseeing the future. Some get lucky and are taken to luxuries Colleges where they will be pampered with all sorts of nice things, and some are taken to the slums of the city where conditions are below the poverty line  yet in the end the challenges will all be of equal difficulty.

All the training is not enough to survive through college and only the strongest survive