Protected: Beauty of innocence


The more I see and in a way try to understand them I come closer to the conclusion that the most beautiful that has been created thus far in the universe is innocence. Innonce is the capability to see with no method, to have no expectation to live without prior or future knowledge. It is in this state that you see the eyes glitter with marvel, not because one sees in innonce something beautiful but rather because it sees for what it is. What is seen is not processed with any method nor pre-conceptions. However it is in this proccess that one ends his innoncence. One is always bound leave innoncence behind. Similar to how death gives value life, innonce gives value to youth.

To see eyes move rapidly, not knowing what to expect behind the next manifold of the concrete society created by non-innocent people is a sight to see. A sight that only the non-innocent can appreciate. For one remembers his innonce, but the innonce cannot see it. For the innoncent to see his innonce would make him non-innoncent