Sharing dreams


Lately, for some odd reason, I have felt very carefree about talking of my hopes and dreams. Like today when I went out to get the best Pizza in the entire world with someone, I can’t believe what I said came out of my mouth so easily. I don’t feel guilty as once I did nor do I fear some bad consequence will arise from it.

I guess there is nothing wrong in sharing that I’m excited about the next 5 years to come. To think that my life may actually become predictable in such a short span of time. Or that almost every time I see a little girl I hear something inside my head say “Oh my god! That would be so cool!” I could go for hours on just that. And finally to think that in such a short time, my life might be close to stable – that to me is most important.

But as I noticed today, these are all things which I have little to no control over. Unlike my dreams of becoming a Professor, these dreams and hopes might very well only be part of my fairy tale life.