My Princess (Cinderella)


Valentines has never been a day that I really regarded as being all that special, for it is as insignificant as some other dates in the Christian calendar that have only symbolic meaning and no actual relation to an actual event. But that has changed this year, Valentines does have a meaning, its the day that I first went out with my princess to get the longest cup of coffee I have ever had.

From that first day, I noticed the quirks in you. Like how you found it odd that someone would ask for your name for the cup (that was also a great way to start the conversation for the night)… Ever time I go to that Starbucks I remember where we sat that endless night. The best thing is is that it never gets old, you are always full of new and surprising things. I guess I just can’t get enough of you.

What is most striking is that every time we do something old, is to see how much we have changed. What we are now are leaps and bounds from where we once were. Just looking back 6 months, we seem to have totally changed, no topic is too risky, no fight is too deadly, and no dream is too far fetched.

I don’t quite know how I lived before meeting you, and much less how I would leave without you in the future (or even now, when I haven’t see you for over a month).