Mysterious Numbers


As of two days ago I have receiving for the first time on my cell weird 866 and 877 numbers (on my cell?!). Neither Google nor any other site has yet come with a result of who owns these numbers, however I’m not the only person getting these calls. This is rather irritating specially since one has to wait 31 days after registering a number in the Do-Not-Call list for telemarketers to stop calling (or else I’ll sue I swear).

The numbers are:
* 866-737-3913
* 866-823-6832
* 866-243-4357
* 866-654-9724
* 866-239-2497
* 866-606-4779
* 877-258-0758
* 877-729-3970

Guide to stop this from happening:

Step 1: Add your numner to the Do-Not-Call List
Step 2: Wait for it to take effect. Telemarketing companies have up to 30 days to stop calling you, although for me it was the next day.

Possible Explanation:

Interesting explanation can be found in this New York Times article.