Child Labor


Have you noticed how much crap in sent back and forth over the Internet? Do you know how much stress servers all around have to deal with? Put yourself in the shoes of a server (or in server terminology: its rack).

Little Bobby wants to watch a silly flash clip like this one. Nothing-special right. Well that’s what you think. For a server this means major headaches. The server has to write full books (2 packets) of 0s and 1s in order for little Bobby to get what he wants. A book containing 12,000 words (bits). Do you write two full books just so can get 5 seconds of amusement: NO. Keep in mind this is just one of the million requests servers must process.

In a seven day period last year 280,600,000,000 ‘books’ were written, at least. That’s a lot to be written in just seven days, and I guarantee most was useless crap which should not ever have been brought to existence. This waste is what kills servers. Every day at least 100 servers die of bad nutrition and care. Sometimes it takes days for people to take notice of their sad, deprived death (like with Google’s servers).

This has to end. This is the equivalent to child labor. (More to come)