Meaning of Life


I believe life has no meaning. When I say this, people often interpret it as a sign of pessimism or nihilism. The statement can have a different nuance, so let me elaborate. I think meaning emerges from interpretation. Meaning takes a cluster of points and redefines them in terms of patterns.

A line can symbolize the number �g1,�h the letter �gI,�h the concept of myself �gI,�h and many other things. Life is also subject to interpretation. On a personal level, Einstein might symbolize genius, Lincoln freedom, or Hitler evil. More broadly speaking, life might mean the service of a deity or cause, the pursuit of happiness or truth, or merely procreation and sustenance. Meaning can take a simple object and make it terribly complicated, or reduce complexity to simplicity. In regards to life, I think the primary function is the latter. In turn, I think talking about life in terms of �gmeaning�h is to belittle and diminish it. Our interpretive tools too often get in the way, reducing something beautiful into a crude stick figure.