I was right, ignorance is bliss


While talking to a professor from Princeton U. that teaches psychology the idea of ignorance being bliss was brought up. The stuff he told me was so mind boggling that I had to find the sources to double check what he told me. So here is what I found out.

People when they think about depression they usually make a connection of people who always see the negative side of things in life. While non depressed ones always see things as they are. Psychologists have always tried to cure depression by teaching patients to see the reality and not the negative things in life. Well that’s all very wrong. Princeton, UPENN, and Northwestern concluded that people with depression are actually the most unbiased people, they don’t see things in a negative light, they just see reality, too much of it too. All 3 schools concluded that non depressed people are in reality ignorant of the truth and always alter reality in order to make them happy.

So. I am right. Ignorance is bliss.