Chaos vs. Void


This duality occurred to me a few weeks ago and I am yet to make a conclusion out of it. This duality began from the expressions that states that the world was created from “chaos” (and therefor putting order) or “void” (creating everything itself from nothing). Which one is it and what are the implications of one being more correct than the other? What if it is both?

World from chaos: This would mean that everything already existed prior to the creation of the world. If chaos existed and yet the void is also used later in addressing the state of the universe prior to the creation then void and chaos are the same. Void would be a metaphor then for the lack of order in the chaos.

World from void: This is the more typical notion of how there was nothing prior to the creation. If this was true, then chaos, in this case, would be seen as the metaphorical part of this duality. Chaos for there is nothing. No words, no thoughts, no framework to guide observation and perception.

Perhaps it is a combination of both, that the world was created out of the chaos of void. That is to say that chaos and void are the same. A mere redundancy that allows void and chaos to be interchanged at will. Scientifically the world could have not been created out of nothing, but if stuff was already floating around that raises an entirely new set of questions about that ‘stuff’.