State of Linux


I have, ever since I purchased my MacBook Pro, moved away from using a desktop computing as a main computer. The Pentium III, 2Ghz, Wallmart branded PC has now for a bit over half a year been used as a file server. I managed to set the server up, initially, in under an hour. Quickly I was using iTunes on my mac with the music being stored on my server.

Recently however, due to many Ubuntu updates, my installation broke and I was forced with reinstalling a Linux distribution on it. Since I felt more comfortable with Linux I decided to try something new. What a disapointment.

First was Debian. I was impressed at how simple and extremely fast it was. It made my 5 year computer feel like new. What I found dissapointing was the fact that my NTFS partition simply was not recognized (even after trying to install special drivers).

Second was SUSE. In another extreme, it was extremely slow. The installation took for ever, the video card was never properly identified and it was just too slow. On the pro side, it had a very nice Gnome look and feel.

Finally I tried Fedora, after all I wanted something stable. Installation was so-so. It does boot up fairly quickly and the files are very well organized. Configuration was a barable level of Linux pain. But this by far does not mean I’m satisfied.

Conclusion, I’m still not satisfied with my half working Linux home server which its entire purpose is to server my MacBook. Samba works but only because NFS didn’t. Apache works well but I’ve got no sound. Oh well.. There really should be a Ubuntu version for home servers.