King Arthur my ass


I believe one of the main reasons for my disliking of King Arthur was the first hand full of shots. Fly-bys are supposed to be smooth, not bumpy and with characters going in and out of the shot. Same way with close ups. They couldn’t hold the camera steady or frame the people well in it. It looked like a high school movie with a bigger budget.

On to the story it self. I confess to have been a big Arthur nerd and let me tell you, this movie made Sir Thomas Malory (the author of Le Morte D’Arthur) roll in his grave. How dare they still well developed characters from his book and make an entirely new story over it. I can’t even start listing all the wrong things in the story. I just thought of 24 and I keep seeing new flaws, not to mention this story never happened.

The one good thing was the cheese fighting scenes. You could tell the director wanted something like gladiator but didn’t know how to do it or had the budget. Damn the props looked fake, and the blood on the swords made me laugh.