Internet no longer a proper noun


It took sometime but people finally noticed that the internet is not a proper noun but rather just a noun, a medium of communication. After all we never capitalize paper or television. Same idea.

On another note, this page might gain the lovely thing that xanga users already have – Ads. All gains will go to my non-profit relationship of me and someone else. There is really not much in it for you people except that you might see me more often than just next Christmas. (Which now that I think of it might only scare people from clicking on the ads). Oh well, it was so easy to sign up to get ads that I thought I might as well do it and be the only one clicking on them.

Final, final note – if this site looks odd or simply doesn’t work, please tell me. I’ll accept collect calls 24/7 to my cell phone if this site doesn’t work. So please tell me.