Flu shots


Does it seem at all odd how much advertisement flu shots get? Seriously, is the flu such a big issue? Can one really be that much at risk if he or she gets in contact with the flu virus? Well, this seems to be one of those little dirty secrets of how the government (and international organizations) and the pharmasutical companies help each other.

If one really is going to get the flu, it has more to do with the person’s health than if he or she had the shot (fact). Statistically speaking, one is even more likely to get the flu while fascinated than not. A study was conducted where it showed that 93 children died of flu last year, and yet 60% of of those children had received the shot. If that is the case, something tells me that theis shot is almost useless.

I wont go into the big, government is fooling its people fluff because there might be some reason for the shots, but I find it silly that so much attention is given considering the results. It seems almost clear that if you are going to get the flu, chances are that you are just not a healthy person. Specially to die from the flue, damn: the flu is probably one of the most harmless virus out them all. If you going to die, the flu is not the blame but rather the person’s health.

Funny side note. Every year millions of dollars are given to 3rd world countries so that children can receive shots to preven common illnesses, but factually (from a good source) that is not the reason the money is spent. The true reason is because it makes the 3rd world country look better and the organization that gave the money look good. It’s all down to impressions. Except that here in the U.S the flu shot seems to make everyone spend a little bit of money and support the pharmaceutical companies just to make the people that work there a bit richer (as if they weren’t enough).

Note to self: Maybe I should become more of a tree hugger and activist. Its cool to rant about people that get more attention and money than me, haha.