Farewell C/C++ Users Journal


The final issue of C/C++ Users Journal arrived today at my house, and it is somewhat shocking. The magazine has been around for nearly 30 years: that’s a lot when you talk about a magazine which focuses on such a precise group of readers. I personally was raised with my father telling me about how great the articles used to be, and 2-3 years ago I managed to build my skills in C/C++ to the level of being able to understand the magazine. It would be impossible to list all the things that I learned by reading this magazine, there is so much stuff that one day you wonder about and then you get the issue and there you have the article on the exact topic you were thinking about. And the most special parts of the magazine are the tricks than seem totally wacky until the day you are writing a program and you think to yourself “Didn’t I read how to do this in one of the issues of C/C++ Users Journal“? It’s a great feeling to have that happen. Well that’s the end of that, I can only wonder what the next big magazine will be, the one that perhaps I’ll tell my children about as if it had the meaning to life.