Coming of age (not)


I can’t handle the horrible fact that I was told today; the American all time best selling story “The Birds and the Bees” is not really what it seems. As in the last chapter you getting a bird that stings. This is horrible, half my life I wondered how on earth a bird and a bee got into this mess. Poor creatures. If people are going to name this topic at least name it with something a bit more relevant like – “The Bulls and the Cows”. Or if not, at least make up a script for the poor bee and bird, I’m sure they would love to get some action. My entire foundation has been smashed into pieces. I blame all on you, one should never tell a child all of it at once, thanks a lot (Now I see why). This is horrible… I think I need a psychologist.

Other than that, that was a highly confusing and entertaining topic. Only equal to the speding quality time being unproductive in Princeton. I loved it, screw big complex plans of going to 6 Flags, or even prom. A nice walk is priceless and I’m sure I’ll remember it for much longer than prom.

Did I mention I’m still going through tremors on what you told me…