A Postmortem


One thing is to (re)design my site over and over, but its a totally different thing when you do it for someone else. I really like to do this, sometimes I even consider this a possible career, and this was my first time that I did a site for someone else.

My client, was sort of lost for all she knew was that it had to be simple and not xanga-like. This to me just meant, it has to look nice (which after all is the goal for any site). I directed her to cssBeauty, a site that showcases ‘good-looking’ sites so that she might get some sense of what she wanted. From the sites we gathered what the title would look like [picture], the color scheme [picture], and the background [picture].

To prove how oddly fast the site was created, while this was taking place (in a span of an hour or so), by the end of it I had already created the entire layout for the new site (the bulk at least).

The next step was to get it approved by my client. The first iteration, was with the following selection of layouts [picture]. We then aimleslly tried different colors for the sidebar, until it was decided that the sidebar should not be with the body of the page. And this is how the design was finalized.

Due to the nature of this (actually its the nature of any site), I made a small demo site that was able to actually display what the site might look like with every modification that the client wished. With just notepad and Photoshop, no iteration between redesigns took over 5 minutes, even the drastic change of the sidebar being outside of the body. The final template, which (believe it or not is still being played with) looks like this [picture].


  • Things that went right
    • Communication was very good considering that we did this all through AIM
    • Quick decision on colors
    • The basic layout was just me being random, and that happened to suit my client
  • Things that could have been better
    • Closer contact with client would have made changes go a lot faster
    • ?
    • ?