3 Projects & 1 Summer


In the span of one academic summer 3 projects were created and released into the public. This sets a new record for most productive summer yet.
  1. Adium – Objective-C addition that will be merged into the main project sometime in the near future. This was the most interesting project since it was part of a greater project which happens to be used by thousands of people all over the world.
  2. mySemester – Since freshmen year I have been musing over executing this project. You would think that will all the tools out there there would be one for creating a schedule that looked good, was printable and sharable with others. After doing word, excel, and html schedules to share and print I got fed up and created this site just for that. It has all the bells and whistles to be a 2.0 site : )
  3. Time Tracker – In order to accomplish 3 projects in one summer tracking how I spent my time was of essence and for that I had the urge to create this nifty project. It is in fact a simple copy of Harvest Time except its free and simpler to use. This is meant for a single user who has many projects and tasks with due dates and a limited amount of time to give. Couldn’t be any simpler to use.