You feel old when…


You feel old when you start buying the U.S. News’ “America’s Best Schools” Graduate edition. I didn’t even know it existed. The articles are so much more relevant to me: I don’t want to hear about students moving in to campus, or fluff on ‘diversity’ or whatever crap parents like to read. Needless to say I read most of the magazine already, and it seems that I’m on the right track for Dr. hood. Apparently SUNY Albany is amongst the best teaching schools. And since I have always wanted to teach it raises many questions. I’m fairly sure I was told that I had an almost sure chance to stay at Albany after my masters. As my mother said “Stay”. If I get in to any school, I might be faced with a very large dilemma (specially if I get into Rutgers).

Also, you feel old when you sit at a swim meet with a bunch of old folks, and one even talks to you (because you know them). Since I can’t swim I find it unethical to comment on it, but I still had fun watching it. Maybe because of the comments from Kev, or how people really did look up at me when I got close to them as if I was some stranger, or maybe because it would be funny to pull on that strap again and see how far it goes (that was funny).

And you also feel old when you have to preach on responsibility and how one should act. Not just explain because that’s what old people do, but actually have to get touchy with it and make someone feel bad in the end. That’s not something nice to do, but I guess that’s what youngling need. I am getting better at insulting people too. But please, I feel bad in doing that, and I much rather talk in a civilized manner.

But you feel young when you are only returning to your 2nd semester of college.