Wrap up


Today I did my concentrated studies project and it was so awesome. It took 35 minutes and the teachers seemed to have some interest in what I did, mainly because what I studied is only seen much later in college. Oh, the adrenalin. I can’t wait for this weekend to go shopping in NY (I think it has over 5 weeks since I last went there). I just have to find someway to get rid of my grandparents who I’m sure will want to come with me. They would never go in the stores I go to. And than there is next week. Planning for a party is so odd since it’s my first ever. I’m just glad that 99% of my friends have flexible schedules and I can pick basically any day to do it. By the way if you can read this than you are also invited to come to Hopewell Park on June 6th (A Sunday), it will be 12ish and on. Free food and Frisbee.