Work Dynamics


Today was the first time as an adult that I have been for an extended amount of time inside an office during work hours. There were many things that I couldn’t help but notice.

  1. The insane amount of calls and calls being forwarded
  2. Sales and Marketing are many times as loud as the programmers
  3. I believe all of them are married, damn I feel left out
  4. I am now introduced as the CEO’s neighbor (I don’t like the impression that gives of me)
  5. Work ends at 5:30 (wasn’t sure of that today)

Cannot wait for Friday when I get to work full time for one day from 9ish to 5:30 again! You see, I’m sure that in 30 years when I read this I will laugh at how simple and innocent I was to actually liking to work in a cubicle, but for now this is really cool.