Winter in coming


It’s getting really cold lately, but it’s not cold enough for a jacket nor warm enough for a sweater. Needless to say I’m on the verge of getting a cold. My days have become all the same, waking up at 7:30, going to class, working on my project, dinner, talking to someone, and sleep. I now have a fixed meeting every week with two professors to talk about their project. Its exciting to sit around with a cup of coffee and debate on ‘the feasibility of using the k-means algorithm with constraints’. Exciting isn’t it!
Ok, maybe not to you people. So you might wonder what keeps me happy. Well, little things like today in math we were talking about sin and cos functions and the professor wrote an equation on the board but the equal sign was horrible done so much that it looked like a minus sign. And so he said “oh, haha the sin and cos functions are kissing”. Such a bad joke. Or in Logic the other day he said “oh! when ever I use my MasterCard I think of Venn Diagrams. Ha. Ha. Ha”. And there are the little things that make life a bit more meaningful such as the realization that I no longer have a life, but I rather share one with someone else.