Why can’t I just be a senior


I’m getting slightly sick that professors forget that I’m a freshmen. Almost every time I talk to Proff. Davidson I get something like “You should do this or that… oh! you are a freshmen so I guess you can’t…” or “Have you talked to your adviser yet? oh! you are an undergraduate student so I guess you don’t have one…”. Why can’t people just give me the title of a senior, or make me a freshmen graduate student once and for all.

To top it off, I always receive suggestion for courses where I am suggested a really advanced course (that I really want to take) and than when I ask about it later I get told that it might be too hard and should pick something else instead. So what do they want me to take next semester?

On other notes: My adviser is a pain “you-know-where”. I know what I have to take next semester, and I don’t need to talk to him for him to give me predefined ‘talks’ about ‘planning my future’. But since I have to, I have to wait until next week (since he seems overly busy with nothing). Which means most of the courses such as Multi-variable Calc. will most likely be filled. There isn’t another math that I can take, it has to be that one! The only courses that are safe are Chamber Choir and my Independent Study (IS). Yep, its never too late to begin my long sequence of IS projects. If I take one per semester for my entire career as a student I will have a whopping 21 credits just by doing stuff I like to do anyway.

Everyone should have an independent study project, much like everyone should be in love.