Venti guilt


I am a Grande guy. ItÂís small enough to comfortably fit into my hands and yet large enough to fill me up. Yet, last Friday while at Starbucks, the highly amusing girl who was making my drink somehow managed to completely do something that resulted in me having a Venti® sized drink instead of my usual Grande drink. (Highly sketchy if you ask me)

Anyway, my first impulse was: “Sweet I got this for free!” However I soon noticed the most horrific feeling, I had the guilt of being ‘American’. The thing is so enormous that it made me want to hide it or throw it away. I couldn’t bare to walk to the streets of New Hope with it. That Venti® drink stood for everything I disliked. It was far too big, I had no need for it, and it made me one with the masses of fat Americans who believe that the bigger the better.

I think that is something and something worthy to ponder more on. Big things are starting to have a bad connotation and perhaps this is the beginning of change. People should feel guilty of getting more than what they need.