So my independent studies project finally seems to be on track, and it actually has some sort of value. Considering that almost everything I get or I give to him he has the pleasure of writting “DO NOT DISTRIBUTE” – I think its safe to say I won’t distribute it here either (until published). We are on a debate right now that hopefully he will give up on, since let’s be honest, my idea makes more sense than his. And then we have the chance that he is right and I am wrong (which is the more likely situation).

What has been really exciting is saving a poor soul from the world of XANGA. Not quite sure how it happened for it has been a long time since I tried convincing that xanga was not-so-great, but what really matters is that she at least is giving it a chance. I would be amazed if it really happens because the switch is hard, and the benefits are just not really there unless you really put effort into it. Consider getting out of xanga as a coming of age in the online journal department.

On a sweeter note, I don’t think I could ever have more candy as I have right now. Other than a full bag of Halloween candy, my mother sent me a box of really good chocolate (Lindt). An entire box. How could life be sweeter.