un?comfortable, a.


For sometime now (aka 5 months) I have thought about what people mean when they say they are un?comfortable. I believe people misuse this word in attempt to describe the feeling of being lost or simply not knowing what to do. But let’s start this argument from the top.

un?comfortable was first used by Shakespeare in 1592 in ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Fat. Despisde, distressed, hated, martird, kild, Vncomfortable time, why camst thou now,
To murther, murther, our solemnitie?
O childe, O childe, my soule and not my childe,
Dead art thou, alacke my child is dead,
And with my child my ioyes are buried.


Here the word is clearly used for the meaning of “Not comforting; causing or involving discomfort or uneasiness; disquieting. ” (Oxford English Dictionary). This definition hasn’t changed since his time and so without any further ado, let’s proceed with my argument that people misuse this word.

People tend to use uncomfortable in sentences such as ?I was uncomfortable with [him/her]?. I believe people use this word to convey a different feeling, the feeling of ?Help, what am I supposed to do now!!? Not the feeling of, ?ouch, you are stepping on my foot? or ?how dare you insult my breasts?

In conclusion, the bottom line is that people are uncomfortable with admitting that they don?t know something. Hence the creation of religion. ?God said let their be light?. No explanations and as long people don?t question it they feel comfortable with themselves. Now if you question the priest about it, I?m sure he will get un?comfortable or defensive.