Totally out of it


The past few days have been the most stressful days of my college career – due to all the caroling and the lack of internet (which made me hyperventilate several times). Today was the first time that I even noticed that to-morrow was the last day of class. Who knew that? I didn’t that’s for sure. At least in a week I’ll be home chilling, or rather missing all this fun that I have had these past days with all the caroling. For some reason I have never loved Chamber Singers so much, and we aren’t even that good. All I know is that I look forward to every gig, and specially next semester.

On other notes, college is just no fun. I got to skip two semesters on Math. So as of now I might as well be a Sophomore. I have the same amount of credits and on top of that I’m taking a Graduate course next semester, now tell me, where is the fun. At this rate I could double major with a Masters in 4 years. Oh well, that made my day, that is until I sing again this afternoon which surely will beat that.