Things gone unwritten…


It’s been long since I have last written, but the interest is simply not there, but this will be a good effort. First, last weekend, I went prom dress shopping. It was the most exciting thing I have done, you go through aisles and aisles of dresses, and then you carry all of them to a dressing room and then I sit there and wait to see how it looks. It sounds boring, but I had fun. I was the only person who actually gave the truth when asked how they looked. If you look fat, I’ll tell you that. If your hip is bulging, or if your stomach is sticking out that it makes me want to poke it, I’ll tell you that too. The dress she picked is really nice, I had to resist not myself from doing something embarrassing. We also got lost trying to find the place, which was highly aggravating but it wasn’t so bad because I was playing with someone’s hand for most of the time (can’t get enough of that).

Then we have school. That on the other hand is giving me a lot of work. English and Philosophy papers (both large) due one day apart from each other. Computer Science project due that week too. Independent Study better start getting nice or else I wont have much to show at the end. Midterms, eh. I got the 2nd highest grade in English. I noticed that English is sadly my best subject and that it comes to me naturally, unlike Philosophy, Math or Computer Science. So there you go. I am currently considering changing my Philosophy Major into an English one (despite me being technically able to triple major in 6 years).

And that is all, or all that I will share. Because there is this little thing that I guess is big.. oh well.. There is a cool rumor though, that I might be a new TA for an undergraduate AI course offered next fall, but since this comes from a chain of 3 people I’m reluctant to believe that it is true. I don’t even know the professor that teaches this class.