Things are starting to come together


34 Days left of school for me. Oh yeah… I always imagined prom as being expensive but I never thought it would cost so much.

1) Transportation: $250+
2) Tux: $200+
3) Other clothing (Junior Prom): $100+
4) Tickets: $90
5) Pictures: $50+
6) Misc: $100+
TOTAL: $840+

Gulp, I’m glad I have some Brazilian college money that I can finally use for enjoyment. It’s so sweet, I will drive a new Jaguar to prom. It’s worth the price, after all who knows when I’ll drive a Jaguar S-Type in the future (I doubt it will happen during college). If driving is not cool enough I’ll have to cross NYC to get the car, driving a Jaguar in the middle of Manhattan is sweet. Than racing down I-95. (Mental note: I need to get a radar detector)