That box all geeks have


I cannot be the only person who has a box of this kind. For the past few years all sorts of treasures (the untrained eye would call it junk) have ended up in a storage box I have. The list is as follows:

  • Zaurus – the one chance linux had to be in a handheld. It is the greatest gadget I’ve owned in my life. Unfortunately it never got the care it needed.
  • Magic Cards – classic part of any geek’s box of treasures
  • Backup TI-83 calculator – I always carry a TI-89 but you never know when you will need a replacement
  • USB extension cord
  • Memory card reader
  • Pads, bookmarks, plane tickets, receipts.. etc&.

So much of this box has already become outdated that its hard not feeling old. Imagine, twenty years from now the box will be worth thousands. Who even uses compact flash anymore? Or has seen a sharp PDA that actually works better than a Blackberry?