Summer routine


Summer courses are overwhelming, next year I think I’ll find some work instead. Its nice that I have stuff to do every day of the week from 7am to 3pm (which sadly reminds me of High School) but I lost all my personal time. I miss programming. I miss reading for fun. I miss being bored. Today completes my 4th day of not doing any work and it feels amazing except that now I hava a ton of work to catch up on.

On other notes. I was permitted to enter the castle up on Hopewell mountain to celebrate Brie’s graduation! The best moment was when everyone was sitting around the table eating cake, oh.. the sounds. What happened to chewing with your mouth closed? And why is it that only when I got a napkin to clean my mouth that everyone joined me? The cake was good too though.

Cloth shopping. I need a new style, which I think I’ve found. I feel so spoiled by my parents. For instance, I found this beautiful blazer at J.Crew (never liked the store), it fit me so well, that is until I saw the price tag. But even with that I was still allowed to get it, however my guilt stopped me. I will not purchase something that is worth more than my iPod and that I’ll only wear a few times a year. Not to mention that it makes me look old (mid 20s) and I doubt Brie would want to walk next to me since it would make her look young.

Talking of her, I noticed that I, unlike last year, have put no thought on her birthday. This only goes to show how summer courses suck. I need help! What should I do! Either something totally new (which is easy) or something totally enjoyable but already half experienced.