Summer Internship


Today was my last day of work as an intern. 2 months ago I had very little clue of what I would be doing but surely enough the longer I worked the more I started to do. In the end I am amazed at all that I have done. It was a good challenge because not only did I learn things that I had almost no clue about but also because I actually ended up with nice results.

The first month of work I primarily made a program that allowed users to synchronize lyrics to songs so that the songs could later be used in Karaoke machines. The program seemed simple enough to make but as time went on I started to notice how user friendliness matters. In Java (the language I used to make this program) everything has to be defined. So when I was told to highlight the current word in the song I was forced to write about 100 lines of code just to make that simple feature. In the first version of the program a user took from 1 to 3 hours to synchronize a song however once I did all the minor tuning that was required the time went drastically down to 5 minutes per song.

During the second month I started designing a site using what must be the worst programming language ever created: ASP.NET. It sucks so much that now I understand that no serious site online uses ASP (such as CNN, Yahoo,, etc&…) Because of the learning curve it took me a few more days than I had planned but in the end everything works perfectly. Sadly enough the best part of the site I was unable to have enough time on: the design. I wish I had seen this coming earlier so that I could have put more effort into it. In the end the site doesn’t look too bad. It has a distinct feel to it and all it needs now is content. Everyone seems very pleased with the results.

Well that is all. I’ll definitely miss working here and I am sure I will stop by during my breaks to say hello. Who knows, I might even work here again next summer.