So much to do


Today I revived responses from two professors about me helping in their research. One (by Prof. Haas) is about extracting and understanding instructions like “Go to the end of the hall and turn left”. It sounds simple but it isn’t. The other project (by Prof. Davidson) is about making robots learn skills by themselves (like walking and what not). But he told me to think of some areas that might also be interesting since this field is still very new. We are meeting next week to talk about his plans.

On another note, my classes are amazing. My advanced Computer Science class is composed of mostly juniors and seniors who are about to graduate and the class is auditorium/lecture style, and I love it. Did I mention the course is hard? Ah, but than there is Logic. He is the funniest teacher I have seen, specially because he is serious and yet makes the most inappropriate jokes through out the class. The only class I fear for my life is Calculus…

I wrote some of the jokes because they are so funny coming out of an old professor.

What does dictionary mean? Well that’s like a kid not knowing what intercourse is and looking it up in a dictionary. It won’t help much.

Half of an education is learning to speak with a vocabulary no one knows.

Do you know why I am a democrat, because I get better mail than my wife who is a republican. Like when Clinton was in presidency I received a survey with the following question – “Would you, if a female, have sex with President Clinton?”. 30% said no, 30% yes, and 40% never again.

I’m a Feminist! Women should also be drafted to Iraq and get their heads shot off. Tough Shit!