Since when am I a reference desk?


During the summer I started to notice that a lot of people ask me for directions. While at Rutgers I go at least half a dozen people asking me for buildings, streets and places. I didn’t even go to that school, but somehow I managed to always help them. It gave me an odd feeling to say the least, it made me feel like I was part of the Rutgers student population for a while.

Now here in Albany the same thing is happening. Just about every day I have been asked for some sort of guidance. Yesterday I got a drunk freshmen asking me where the lecture center was. For those who don’t study here let me tell you, the lecture centers is at the heart of the campus, there is no way on earth anyone should ever not know where it is. Its like saying where is the gas when you go to a gas station.

To day 3 people asked me for information but the oddest one was just now. This girl sits behind me on a computer next to me and first asks me how to write an e-mail from the UAlbany account. w*f Then she asks me how one spells a-s-s-i-g-n-m-e-n-t. Alright, maybe she doesn’t know how to use the e-mail program we have at school, and assignment could be seen as a tricky word. Then she asks me to read the e-mail over because it was her first class ever and she was afraid of making a bad first impression. It was full of grammar errors and repeated words in the same sentence however the most entertaining thing was how she metioned the “book store” as the ” book house”. Conclusion, another drunk freshmen that I have had to deal with in the past 2 days. sigh.. I was soo not like that.