Robotics Symposium: Day 2


Here is a lesson for all who haven’t traveled alone yet, get the name of the hotel before leaving civilization. Because it only occurred to me that I had no idea what I was looking for at 8 at night when I wanted to find the hotel so I could use the bathroom. Not fun, at least I had the number (building #), which doesn’t really help because no one ever puts the number of a building outside the building. It makes you wonder why buildings are even assigned numbers.
Today I woke up extra early and it was really cold. But I was expecting traffic and I wanted to find the place with enough time to eat breakfast and check the internet. It was extremely cold and the steering wheel must have been absolute zero. But the conference was nice and warm. Carnegie Mellon is a nice school (if you stay just inside the campus). I heard a lot of cool things which will keep me thinking for some time (not that I didn’t have enough, after this sunday). CMU does a lot of research in robotics, but I hate how they don’t share their knowledge with the world. All they think about is how to make money, I hate that. I feel research should be open and with no strings attached. It really made me think twice about even applying to this school for it breaks all of my ideals.