Robotics Symposium: Day 1


You would think that driving 6 hours is boring, but not in PA. You feel like you are in a race track speeding by trucks or all sizes and economy cars. What makes it so exciting is the amount of sharp curves (going 75mph where you can’t really see more than a few yards due to the curve), tunnels and really narrow lanes. I felt like a professional race car driver in a red mini-van.
Pittsburgh is not a nice city, at all.It wasn’t well planned and the traffic is horrible specially if you have a big car that doesn’t fit in parking lots.I hope my 30 dollar motel is ‘clean’. I’m a true believe that ignorance is bliss, so as long as I don’t see ‘things’ I will be fine and I’ll sleep like an angel.

Off to the Robotics Institute’s 25th Anniversary Symposium.