Classical ballet is something that more people should be exposed to but unfortunately are not (either for financial or prejudice). The experience of going to the Lincoln Center dressed up and watching people exercise a talent which very few have is just amazing.

raymondaYesterday, out of total spontaneity I decided to see Raymonda. Everything was spectacular, the stage was breathtaking, the orchestra was superb (perfect synchronization), and the dancers were just incredible. Seeing the women walk non-stop on the tip of their toes and being so graceful that it makes it seem effortless is mind boggling. Also something very beautiful is seeing so many people on stage at once dancing, at points there were over 50 dancers on the stage all synchronized and doing some amazing things.

The seat I had was also very very good, 2nd tier just slight off the center but on the first row. The two hour spectacle was much more than a prom experience but what you get out of seeing something at the Lincoln Center is definitely worth it. It cultures you, it makes you feel like someone, and most importantly, its real.