My site can now actually be seen by everyone and not only that but I also fixed a lot of little details that were getting on my nerve (and I’m not done yet). Just for the hell of it, this site can now look like Xanga too, I know how much you people like the way that site looks. Since I’m talking about this site here is something funny. The login instructions are “The user name = guest” but apparently people still like to guess other user names like (more than once too):

  • sophia (who on earth would try that)
  • goerdisney (sorry, this aint AIM)
  • annushri (huh?!)
  • xdoc (this is not the X-Files)

How I wish I could see the passwords people have tried too, it must be highly entertaining. Oh well, I just stumbled on this list, its not like I was out to try finding what people tried as the user name.

On a very different note, shopping with the other sex is amusing. Should have tried doing that months ago. Maybe waiting for people who are trying on things that are less than $10 is frustrating since you know they aren’t getting it and its really not that big of a deal if you get it and it doesn’t fit you since, one its only $10 and second you can always return it. But non the less amusing (specially when you over hear things that you shouldn’t).