Prom 10/10


Words can not describe how prom was. But even as special as Prom was I doubt I would have seen any value in it if it wasn’t for the wonderful company that I had. Now that I look back on prom, I think that there is only one thing I will remember and it will not be the event, the limo, the food, the dance (well maybe), but rather just one person. Sure seeing an old friend from 8th grade was fun, kissing John B. was ‘stimulating’, and talking to my groups of friends was entertaining. But all those things could have happened in school. But seeing a princes actually dressed like one still boggles my mind.

Ok, enough melodrama; here is my account of how prom was (this will be drastically different from some other peoples account). The limo, hmm, ok, it’s a limo people. Yes that is TV, yes there is food and beverages. It’s so funny to see people experience a limo ride. The amazement, the doubt of whether the limo is going in the right place, and all those other details. Sorry but sometimes I had to control myself from laughing. Actual Prom. Cool! airplane food; the chicken was dehydrated, the meet was already re-heated, the potatoes were hard, and the vegetables lacked spicing. The dance. It was by far the best one I have seen in high school, meaning that people actually danced. The only thing that bothers me is that Brie still hasn’t told me what else there is to dancing since I’m sure there is more. Dancing with John B. and kissing him was far more enjoyable that doing that with you-know-who, sorry. Post prom. That was a good waste of time, it was very nicely decorated but that’s as far as I will go on complimenting. The after math, nice, but I want one good moment alone without Hope, Kevin, Mrs. C, or Ryan around. It drives me up the wall, the world is so large and I can’t have a single moment in peace. I’m not asking for 1 hour, or 30 minutes, I just ask for a moment or two. AHH!

So as you can see, for me prom wasn’t that thrilling but I definitely will have some moments to look back on.