Prom 01/10


Prom is clearly something invented by the female gender. Guys have simple discovered how to make the best out of it (we are doing pretty well). It all starts with clothing and makeup. Guy put a tie on and we are set (although some have trouble with that). Girls on the other hand seem to spend a full day(s) preparing for it. Dress shopping; shoe shopping, and even purse shopping. Because, god forbid that they where something twice. I guess in the end it all pays of because I know of one person who looked fabulous, gorgeous, marvelous, beautiful, and any other synonym of those words. wow, was that really her (after all she does have a clone).

Second is the dance itself. Except for the few ‘pimps’ on the ‘dance floor’ the job for guys is to watch their date dance or talk to other friends while they dance. I lost count on how many times I saw rows of guys just standing by the wall just talking.

And finally third. Junior prom is really great for gossiping in the form of ‘Did you know [person A] is going out with [person B]‘. This I must say was pretty interesting.

So to conclude my finding about Junior Prom. It’s an even created entirely by females but which males have been slowly adapting themselves to. And… I have never seen her so beautiful before.