Protected: Surprises


I adore surprises specially when they happen to others and me too. Yesterday began like any other day. I woke up early and was soon out and about with my mother shopping, which was tons of fun. Than I get my first surprise, Brie calls. Boy was that a surprise an interesting one. [My private life goes in here] Later that afternoon I left for Rae’s house for what was supposed to have been a very merry party. The only thing I can say is that I haven’t been to a party in ages but something tells me that was not how it was supposed to begin, go, and end.
I morn for that sad night.

OK, enough depressing thoughts for one entry. Now to a good thing. I might be very slow but I learned of another reason of liking her, one which I will not state but it is one I never thought would matter, a quality so fair that only one word could describe.

You can try guessing what the word is.

6C 75 66 69 74 75 61 65 62