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I’m quite satisfied with myself. I planned something without anyones input or suggestion and I followed through with it. Keep in mind that I also don’t remember the last person I had to give a gift to. This has never happened before and it turned much the way I had anticipated (a good thing). On another note, I found stuff to do that will keep me busy for the rest of the summer; cooking and programming (the only other thing that can give me that ‘high’). this week for example has gone much faster than last.

On another note, a friend of my fathers from childhood called me last night (I have seen him twice) from France where he lives. He offered his help in giving me a ‘good time’ in Paris… But than I thought to myself, he is a 40 old single guy in Paris. So I doubt I’ll be seeing him but it’s nice to know I where to run to when I get entirely lost since I was looking up how French looks like and it’s a freaky language.