Protected: Pre-Holiday Ups and Downs


Just as a foot note: I went to NY this morning and got a coat which I have been in love with for the past 3 weeks. Ok With that out of the way. Tonight I had one of those “I need to do something so let’s start at the top of the list” things going. First Kevin wanted a ride to Sponge Bob (wouldn’t have minded if it had been a different movie). Then Brienne, well, she just sucks because she’s in High School (this theme comes back later on). So, I opted to the last resort, Jon.

So we drive around pick up Sean and Moly (who is a sophomore) and we decide to go Bowling. Getting there, we see that the place is packed we start a small fight in the parking lot because Ian, Sean, Moly and I want to see a movie and eat while Jon, Tom and Nathan rather play bowling. So after many weird things, I decide to put the pedal to the metal and get out of the parking lot, and head just a bit ahead to a deserted shopping mall. There I drive in literal circles (yes, with the steering wheel turned all the way) just to see what happens. But after much fighting we head to Jon’s house and make fun of a Godzila movie and later decide to play SNES, which Ian is just the god of.

Oh, during our stay at Jon’s house while walking around his kitchen Tom stumbles on two porn magazines, and let me tell you porn is just too funny when Tom is making commentaries about it. What felt worse was that a Sophomore girl was with us all alone in a house with 6 college guys.

After the movie and gaming, that ended around 1am, I had to drive a few people back who happen to live in Titusville. By this time I’m just in an odd mood, so after dropping them off I decided to take a ride. I stopped at the river when going to New Hope to think. It was wet, but nice. And than I embarked on a long ride home.

So much to think about. And it all began when I heard that Nathan has a girlfriend at TCNJ. Everyone knows that when I start thinking too much, it leads to bad things, and even people who barely know me tell me that, but tonight was one of those nights.

Many thoughts came up.

  1. Life feels amazing. For the past 5 days, life has just been amazing. Except for many things…
    1. Friday, it was a dream for now I can’t remember any of it
    2. Saturday, ?
    3. Sunday, well read this and that.
    4. Monday, ?
    5. Tuesday, made me feel in High School (not that it was bad)
    6. Wed, Nothing
    7. Thursday, Nothing
  2. My life is amazing because of a random risk I took a year ago, what would happen if I took another one?
  3. I envy Nathan.
  4. And all those questions people that are, (well) in love, ask themselves.

I shall spare those who can read this, but in all today was a full day because its 3am now and I’m pretty sure I’ll be up a bit longer trying to stuff all those thoughts back into their box so that I can sleep mmoderately well.

PS: I noticed tonight that Holidays just make me miserable. Because it is the time in the year that you can be sure that millions of people are creating memories they shall never forget, while me at home just snooze away in my thoughts (such as the ones above listed). I can see what kids who don’t even get presents during Christmas feel like, for though I get presents, it has no meaning other than my gift supported to global economy. But to a kid, a holiday is everything, and each one I get the sense that I do know what it feels like not to be able to have one. Maybe someday.