Protected: People are going by the day


Thursday was Jon’s farewell party, and there is no better farewell than by playing a violent video game, cursing, and eating pizza until late at night. It was the nerdiest thing I have done since robotics. People blowing up, making stupid jokes about the afro girl in the game who just looked out of place… etc&. It was going grate until I had to stop playing due to a very unexpected call (after all when was the last time someone called me at 10:30). I think I’ll forward calls like that one to an automated system like:

  • If the topic is pleasant press 1

    • If it was about ‘last night’ press 1

    • If it was about ‘that’ press 2

    • If you are just happy press 3

    • If you want to do something today press 4

    • If you wish to talk to me please hold on for all of my representatives are busy at the moment

    • Prss 0 to repeat this menu

    • Press * to go back to the previous menu

  • Otherwise press 2

    • If it’s about something I have not done press 1

    • If it’s about something I should do press 2

    • If it’s something I shoudln’t do press 3

    • If you wish to warn me press 4

    • If it’s bad, real bad press 5

    • If this is the end of the road, wait wait wait I’m here sorry

    • Prss 0 to repeat this menu

    • Press * to go back to the previous menu

All I’ll say about the call is that afterwards I kicked some major ass in the game. Like the old days when I took my anger of Mr. Siebel on video games. Ahh, the feeling – some run – I game.

But Jon wasn’t the only one leaving, Ian is also leaving, and my turn will come soon enough. Everything I do feels like it could be the last. Last time at a specific Starbucks, or last time at Vitto’s, or last time… things which I rather not disclose. I’ll miss that most of all. I should take my stuffed animal collection with me so I have something to hug at night and remember the good times (or I can deal with a pillow too).

On a brighter note, I want to stay in Albany for the least amount of time as possible. Meaning I want to come back as often as possible. Screw making new friends or joining clubs or ‘fitting in’. I have absolutely no interest in that – screw the so called college experience, I have already missed High school, middle school, and childhood experiences. I’ll go to MCCC if need be, but I wont stay in Albany for longer than a year.