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Never, ever leave stuff open when parents look at the computer you were using. And think ahead of what you are saying and how it might be seen by her parents. And guess what two fools just did exactly the opposite. Yay for us.

But here is a brief list of things parents should never see on AIM conversations and in case they do see it, I was nice enough to describe what they think and truly think.

  • Definitely a break from norm
    • Parental Thinking : He/she did something that I would not have approved of.
    • …But deep inside: Hehe, I remember that time when…
  • And I must agree about the back seat
    • Parental Thinking: They did it, I know it
    • …But deep inside: Ah, the first time, how sweet
  • I wasn’t sure how that would have worked
    • Parental Thinking: Ok, now I really know they did it
    • …But deep inside: Well honey, neither did [name of husband or wife]
  • [The back seat was] much more comfortable than the front
    • Parental Thinking: I’m not stupid, you don’t have to be ‘confurtable’ to say good night
    • …But deep inside: I think I still have back pains from last night
  • [The back seat] worked out better than the front
    • Parental Thinking: So this has been going on for longer… I see how it is
    • …But deep inside: Hehe, practice makes perfect honey
  • Hello, mom.
    • Parental Thinking: gulp
    • …But deep inside: gulp