Protected: My monthly screw up


For the past few months I have noticed that I always screw up something, sometimes its a little thing sometimes its considerably larger. And just yesterday I met this month’s quota of screw ups.

Usually I never create expectations. Expectations always lead to occasional disappointments which I really don’t feel like dealing with. But since Sunday afternoon I forgot this tiny principle, and guess what happens, I’m disappointed. I admit I’m spoiled and used to getting things the way I ask for and when I want them, so whenever that doesn’t happen it really hits a nerve. Please forgive me for my childliness. All of this makes me wonder, am I meeting expectations? I know I haven’t in the past and I know I have come close to not meeting them even more times, so am I (because I personaly don’t think I am, at least not my own)?

On another not, its amazing what ones presence can have on me. From mad to happy in less than 2 hours, I find that amazing (or I could just be stupid and gullible, haha). I love ya.